Position Specific Requirements

Planning Team Manager


The Task Force Planning Team Manager is responsible for planning aspects of

the Task Force during incident operations. The Planning Team Manager

supervises the Structures Specialist and Technical Information Specialist. The

Planning Team Manager reports directly to the Task Force Leader


Description of Duties


The Planning Team Manager is responsible for:

Developing and implementing the planning components of the Task Force

Tactical Action Plan;

Coordinating, managing, and supervising all planning component activities;

Determining the planning component organizational and logistics needs;

Receiving briefings and situation reports and ensures that all planning

personnel are kept informed of status changes;

Providing situation reports and maintaining records and reports;

Preparing performance evaluations for assigned personnel (ICS 225);

Providing accountability, maintenance, and minor repairs for all Planning

Team equipment;

Adhering to all safety procedures;

Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned during a mission.

Individuals who meet the following requirements and criteria will be eligible to become

Task Force Planning Team Managers in the DHS/FEMA National US&R Response

System. The intent of these requirements is to select functional managers capable of

effectively managing and supervising the planning component in the urban disaster



Required Training


The Planning Team Manager shall;

1. Meet all General Training requirements

2. Complete GPS Awareness

3. Complete ICS 300 in accordance with the National Standard Curriculum

Training Development Guidance

4. Complete Planning Team Training course.

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