Position Specific Requirements

Logistics Specialist


The Logistics Specialist is responsible for ensuring the preparation and

maintenance of the task force equipment cache. The Logistics Specialist reports

directly to the Logistics Team Manager.


Description of Duties


The Logistics Specialist is responsible for:

Coordinating the packaging, transporting, distribution, and maintenance of the

Task Force equipment cache prior, during, and subsequent to mission


Coordinating with military and/or civilian officials for transportation needs.

Procuring equipment as directed by the Logistics Team Manager.

Ensuring accountability and security of the task force equipment cache.

Maintaining accurate and timely records and reports.

Adhering to all safety procedures.

Maintains and repairs the task force equipment cache.

Assist with over-all management of task force facilities and fleet.

Coordinate and direct Support Specialists (when staffed).

Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned.

Individuals who meet the following requirements and criteria will be eligible to

become Logistics Specialists in the DHS/FEMA US&R Response System. The

intent of these requirements is to select personnel capable of managing the

logistics needs of the Task Force in the urban disaster environment.


Required Training:


The Logistics Specialist shall:

1. Meet all General Training requirements

2. Complete GPS Awareness course

3. Complete the Logistics Specialist course

4. Be trained as a Certifying Official for Transportation Requirements and

Regulations – Air and Ground

a. IATA; Title 49 CFR

b. AFMAN 24 – 204

5. Complete biennial recertification continuing education requirements

Recommended Training


The Logistics Specialist should;

1. Complete Ordering Manager course (J-252)

2. Complete Receiving and Distribution Manager course (J-253)

3. Complete Base Camp Manager course (J-254)

4. Complete Equipment Manager course (J-255)

5. Complete Security Manager course (J-259)

6. Complete OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 (forklift training) course

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